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Exhibitions _ Present.

You can find all year long these poieces in the workshop (see the address) or in these various exhibition:

21 Avril -17 juin
Exhibition "Ecritures d'argiles" at the "Maison de la Céramique contemporaine" at Giroussens (81500, France)

28-29 Avril
Clay workers meeting at Giroussens (81500, France) (Marché des potiers)

26-27 mai
Ceramic meeting at Saint Paul de Vence (06, France)

9 juin
Personal exhibition at the
Arcadache gallery at Vallorbe (1337 Switzerland)

9-10 juin
Ceramic meeting at Dinan in bretagne (22, France)

7-23 septembre
5th ceramic congress at Saint Cergue (1264 Switzerland)

15-16 septembre
"Céramiques sur Seine" at Melun (77, France)


Exhibitions _ Past.

Retrieve my production througt the years and my various exhibitions